I invest my savingsAnd shows my ups and downs

I  invest my savings, so I – hopefully – one day will become financially independent. Through my struggle to meet my goal, I unveil my income and investments as well as ups and downs. I’m no professional. At all. I just like to share my journey towards becoming financially independent.

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“Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source.”Warren Buffet

The DetailsHow I want to accomplish my goal

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    Step 1: Save money

    At first I save money. Without savings = no investments. That’s step one.

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    Step 2: Invest

    Then I invest the money. I invest at the moment in ETF’s and crowdlending.

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    Step 3: Reinvest

    And then I reinvest my income from my investments to receive compound interests.

The goalWhat’s my goal?

My goal is not necessarily to retire myself at age 50 – or even earlier than that. On the contrary, I think I will work to age 70, because I enjoy working at the moment, which is the difference for me. I want to work, because I enjoy it – not because I need to. And in order not to be forced to work, I must have a big savings.


By having a good amount in savings, I have the possibility to do whatever I want later on. No matter whether it’s retiring early, starting a business or traveling the world. That’s financially independent for me – and the only way I can achieve that is though investments.

The statsMy stats at a glance

Money invested