My ultimate goal is to become financially independent one day in the future. That means that I will not be forced to work, but I can live solely on my savings as well as the monthly return on my investments.

That will only be possible through very good savings and a good return on my investments as well even though I am far from that goal at the moment. It requires a very large savings and some high returning investments.

However, I am getting closer month after month. Slowly, but steady.

At the same time I am seeking financial freedom, I also enjoy to share my life with my surroundings. By that reason, I started ProfitForSaving.com to share my journey towards becoming financially independent as a non-pro in investments. At this website, I share everything about my savings as well as investments. Mainly the last part, and especially my investments in crowdlending because it is just fun and existing to write about. Especially because of the good and stable interest rate regarding crowdlending.

Everything I share on ProfitForSaving.com is totally unbiased, straight and with 100% transparency with the purpose to inspire you. I do not hide anything. Not even my downs regarding my investments.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and the different pages on ProfitForSaving.com. Hopefully, they will make you wiser about crowdlending and just investing and saving in general.

If you have any questions then you are more than welcome to contact me at info@profitforsaving.com. I will be more than happy answering your questions. Thanks.

Please also read my disclaimer.

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