INVESTMENT HISTORYSee how I have invested over time

I started to invest in 2018, where I invested in ETF’s – also known as exchange traded funds. Since then I have invested more money in ETF’s and also in crowdlending.

On this page, you can follow my total investment history since the beginning of my portfolio. You can see all my deposits (marked as green) and all my withdrawals (marked as red) over time.

Portfolio Value

Investment History

26.03.2019 Envestio €500.00
26.03.2019 Mintos €1,000.00
25.02.2019 Mintos €1,000.00
25.02.2019 Bondora €1,000.00
15.10.2018 ETF's €5,360.92
29.08.2018 ETF's €6,701.16
15.05.2018 ETF's €1,340.23
26.02.2018 ETF's €1,340.23
29.01.2018 ETF's €4,020.69

Do you want to see more stats?

I have made a Google Sheets-file, where you can see even more detailed information about my investments. You are more than welcome to share it with your friends.