Portfolio update – February 2019: The beginning of my crowdlending investments

See my Portfolio update for February 2019

This one is exciting. It is the very first portfolio update on ProfitForSaving.com. And hopefully one of many.

In this February 2019-edition of the portfolio update, I will tell you about the purpose with these portfolio updates in the future. Furthermore, I will tell more about my investments in February – and how I see the coming months for these investments.

Who am I?

But first: I need to tell you more about me. It will be very short. We are not here to talk about my ego (could be nice though), but to invest our savings and to become better at it over time. Wasted time talking about me is not good for either our investments or skills, so the introduction to me will be short.

I was born and raised in Denmark, where I still live. I am currently studying, but more importantly; every day I dream about becoming financially independent. Not necessarily with the reason to retire at age 40, but having the possibility to do whatever I want later on in my life is essential for me. No matter whether it is retiring early, starting a business or travelling the world. By having a good amount in savings, I enable every single option later on in my life – no matter my interests or desires at that moment.

Why ProfitForSaving.com?

But only through saving money, I will not achieve my goal. At all.


Reason 1: It will take me many years to save so much money that I can live for them for the rest of my life. And when that is said I am not even sure whether it is possible to save so much money over the years.

Reason 2: The inflation will eat up the money. Denmark has at the moment the lowest inflation in the European Union. However every year my savings will still be less worth – and that is not an ideal situation when you are going to live for the money later on.

The solution? I am going to invest my savings. By doing so I will be able to earn more than the inflation and later on even earn money on compound interests. That is something I like, and you should too.

And I am just the type of guy, who likes to share everything (you know him). By that reason, I decided to start ProfitForSaving.com, because I wanted to share my journey towards becoming financially independent – and at the same time share my ups and downs from investing. For the same reason, nothing that I write about should be considered as investment advice. I just like to share my experience, and I’m no professional at all. I am just a normal type of guy, who thinks money belongs in investments.

Now that we are clear about that, let us get started.

My income report from my investments in February 2019 looks like this:

ETF's €18,763.23 €141.80 0.76% 9.46% €18,905.03
Mintos €1,000.00 €0.08 0.008% 0.096% €1,000.08 SEE MINTOS PORTFOLIO
Bondora €1,000.00 €5.90 0.59% 7.31% €1,005.90 SEE BONDORA PORTFOLIO
TOTAL €20,763.23 €147.78 €20,911.01

See my portfolio update for February 2019 in a video!

That was my income from February 2019. Impressed? No, right?

I’m not impressed either. Let me explain about the different investments in February 2019.


Back in January 2018, I invested in ETF’s – also known as exchange traded funds. I did this as I know absolutely nothing about stocks and also because these ETF’s often gives a better return than the average investor can manage. I am not even an average investor regarding stocks, so for me, it was a good deal.

Over the year of 2018, I invested a total of €18,763.23 (just in DKK) in ETF’s through a Danish ETF-company. You can see that in my investment history.

As you know, 2018 was a bad year for almost every stock. Because of that, I lost some money. I decided to just keep the money in these ETF’s as I knew it would turn sooner or later.

And turned, it did. At the beginning of this month it turned (funny enough, just up to the first income report) – and since then I have made around €141.80.

For at least some month I will just leave that money in these ETF’s. It is a good way to spread my portfolio – and thus my risk.


Now to the more exiting investments, I have made in February 2019. The whole idea of starting ProfitForSaving.com was to share my journey towards becoming financially independent.

But the idea was also to share my investments and especially those with high risk and potentially high reward. And so I will.

In February 2019 I invested in two different crowdlending platforms because I think the whole P2P-lending space is exciting, and maybe more important; crowdlending pays a good interest rate. That is good.


At the end of February 2019, I invested €1,000.00 in Mintos. Mintos is basically a crowdlending platform – also known as a P2P lending platform, where you can invest in loans from Europe with a buy-back guarantee.

I set up my auto invest and then I was ready to invest in loans.

Since the 25 of February 2019, where I invested in Mintos I have received a return of €0.08 (!) for a total of €1,000.00 invested. Yes, that it is.

But before you call it a scam; that kind of return is normal in the first days of investing in Mintos. Since the investment did only get some days old in February, and my loans are around 28 days of length, I haven’t really received any interest yet.

That is why I only have received €0.08 in interest at the moment, and my monthly return for February 2019 at Mintos is 0.008%.

On the other hand, the Mintos-dashboard tells me that I have a Net Annual Return of around 10.02% at the moment, which sounds fair as my loans at the moment gives an annual interest rate of approximately 12,5%.

Because of that, I expect my corresponding annual return for March 2019 to be around 12,5% as most of my loans will be repaid and reinvested in new loans.


I really like the idea behind crowdlending and P2P platforms. At the same time, I wanted to spread my risk, why one platform was not enough for me.

Because of that I also invested €1,000.00 in Bondora – and their Go & Grow-concept.

Bondora is also a crowdlending platform. At some points, it is just like Mintos, but Bondora has some other features, including their Go & Grow-concept.

Go & Grow gives an interest rate of around 6,75% per year. That is not as much as Mintos, but at the same time, I will consider the risk at Bondora’s Go & Grow as lower. It is also possible to withdrawal all money from Go & Grow instantly, which is not possible at Mintos.

By that reason, I think Bondora’s Go & Grow is a good alternative to Mintos. I will consider it more like a normal bank account – just with a way better interest rate, but at the same time riskier.

From the 25 February to the 1 March I received €0.90 in interests at Bondora and also a €5 bonus to sign up, so a total of €5.90 in income in March at Bondora. That is okay.

Next month?

I have some investment plans for the next month – also the month we know under the name March 2019.

One of these plans is to invest in one more crowdlending platform. I have some ideas, but I am not quite sure which one yet. I think I will be making an investment of around €500 in this new platform just to try it out, and maybe making a new deposit later on, if I like the platform and the team behind.

At the moment, I think I will not be making any new deposits to Mintos or Bondora in March. I just have to be sure how they perform before I invest any more into these platforms. But if they perform great over the next month, then I will maybe be investing more in April.

I will see you again at the beginning of April, where I will unveil my income report for March 2019. I will at the same time also be unveiling the new platform I will be investing in.

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